Delta 4 Dual-Station Conversion Carrier

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NEW! - 2nd Generation Delta IV DUAL STATION Carrier Conversion Kit

Includes carrier assembly and two dowel pins.  

Utilizing our PATENTED Delta jaw-retention system, this assembly includes three carriers. The center carrier floats, allowing the two outer carriers to compenstate for different workpiece sizes.  

Compataible with standard and 96mm Delta IV vises.

A fixed jaw is not included. Purchase our 2nd Generation Delta soft jaws separately (gripper jaws will be availble early 2023). Soft jaws are now being shipped as "universal" sliding/fixed jaws. To convert into a fixed jaw, press in two 0.4993" x 3/4" dowel pins.  


Features & Specifications

  • Steel
  • Black Oxide Coating
 Anti-Jaw Lift
  •  Patented DELTA design
  • < 0.001" for first operations
  • < 0.0005" for second operations *
    * Soft jaws should be machined such that the bottom of the workpiece sits no higher than 0.875" - 1.000" above the bed of the vise
  • 100% Made in USA 


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